Activities, Lesson Plans, & Resources Introduction

Edith Dollarhide painting chinaHere you will find eight hands-on activities based on embellished objects from The Urge to Embellish exhibit. Doing the activities or looking through them will give you an appreciation for some historical traditions of embellishment, some cultural traditions of embellishment, and some techniques and materials used in embellishment.


You may find a new hobby, or find an inspiration for your hobby in an object, pattern, or technique. A background on the art form is presented with related ISM museum collections online, and with bibliographies of related books and websites.


We hope that if you create an embellished object based on an object or method of embellishment presented in the exhibit, you will share it with us by uploading it to your social networking site and send us the URL. This site is set up for comments with attachments, too. If you send us a small image (less than 1MB), we may add it to the exhibit gallery if the curator feels it extends the meaning of the exhibit objects.


Embellishment in the Classroom
Because the activities are based on State and National Learning Standards, teachers can use them as lesson plans. The objectives are built in and the standards listed at the end. Each activity brochure has Websites and print resources listed in it that you can use for more information about a craft, or for how-to advice.